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About Mack T

The original Mack T was born and raised on the southside of Durham, North Carolina, nurtured by a devoted family who enjoyed laughter, love and occasional chaos, along with family-style meals. Mealtime included communication, life lessons, and unsolicited cooking classes. I only wanted to enjoy the meal, and I did that so well! Through the years, there was nowhere I could turn without getting a lesson on food, cooking, baking, or catering. Culinary talent was cultivated at home, grandmothers' houses, Edision Johnson, and countless other people and places too numerous to convey.

So, here I am today with humbleness, grateful for the natural and nurtured talent instilled in me by those God allowed to be in my life. From then until now, I still say, "Thank you!"

Mack T's Café offers a unique flavor of foods, elegance, satisfyingly sweet desserts, and a passion for helping others enjoy the finer things of life with friends, family, and fun, accentuated by the warm atmosphere and culinary creations of Mack T's Café.